Life-saving maneuvers

Vuichard Recovery Techniques

In cooperation with the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation we composed all important and essential information into a life-saving training program.

Our training covers the pilots life changing techniques invented by Claude Vuichard such as Vortex Ring State Recovery, Autorotation, Slope Landings, Quick Stops and many more.

Our online program is based on three coherent modules of 2 hours online training each. The completion of all seminars is a prerequisite for each participant to get released for the practical flight training.

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Seminar 001

Vuichard Technique principles

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Seminar 002

Vuichard Vortex Ring State Recovery

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Seminar 003

Vuichard Techniques enhanced

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Seminar 004


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1 Day Vuichard Safety Seminar

Full One-Day Vuichard Safety Seminar

Get here all the information about the life-saving seminar for Helicopter pilots.
This one-day seminar combines all three Vuichard Techniques online sessions into one physical seminar. Our 1-day seminar covers everything from the Vuichard fundamentals to the Vuichard Vortex Ring State Recovery and finally all enhanced Vuichard techniques.

After the successful completion of this seminar, participants are entitled to join the practical flight training with Claude Vuichard.

Spend a full day with Claude Vuichard and the Leocopter – Air Services team in Zurich area and get all the information and insights form the inventor himself!

 Seminar Details

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