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Vuichard High Altitude Safety Training

Enjoy the best helicopter playground in the world while you’re working on your high altitude skills. Most of all, Claude Vuichards’ High Altitude Safety Training is based on complementary modules. The program includes approaching and landing at official mountain landing sites as well as emergency procedures at high altitude. Finally, flying in the Swiss Alps offer quite some challenges for pilots on all levels. Our training is going to ensure that pilots improve their skills from situational awareness, decision making to flight maneuvers.

The program is designed for small groups (4 to 6 participants) while staying at famous places in Switzerland. Besides practical flight training, all modules contain some hours of ground lessons. You can choose from different aircrafts that suits your preferences.

Either you’re going to stay in the capital of Switzerland or up in the mountains. Just let us know what are your training goals and your accommodation preferences.

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Modular design of our Vuichard High Altitude Safety Training – Build your own training


Improve your high-altitude skills in the Swiss Mountains.


Module 1

Advanced Emergency Procedures

Train emergency techniques in real scenarios and environement.


Module 2


Would like to achieve the Swiss certified mountain rating?


Module 3

Advanced Mountain Techniques

Energy usage, performance management and more.


Module 4

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Best Helicopter playground in the world
High Altitude Safety Training

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