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Vuichard Flight Training

Description Vuichard Flight Training

Pilots who attended the online or 1-day Vuichard Safety Seminar can participate as a result in the flight training with Claude Vuichard himself. Therefore, the main objective is to visualize the Vuichard elements from the seminar in the helicopter. In addition, participants of the flight training receive a Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation certificate. Note, that all Vuichard techniques require regular training to get professionalized. Hence, we recommend that you talk with your flight instructor for future training sessions to professionalize these maneuvers.


The approx. flight time will be 1 hour. Consequently, we recommend that you include enough time for traveling, pre- and debriefing in your schedule.


The Vuchard Flight Training sessions are operated from Berne–Airport in Belp, Switzerland.

Aircrafts available

Robinson R22: 2-Seats
Robinson R44: 4-Seats
Airbus AS350-B2: 6-Seats
Airbus H125: 6-Seats

All helicopters are proudly operated by our partner mountainflyers helicopters switzerland.

Flight Training – Package price

Participants can pay the training session either by invoice as a prepayment or by card (maestro, Visa, Master, American Express, Apple & Samsung Pay) local before the training. Flight training is based on approx. one hour of flight time. Invoicing will be done one net flight time logged.

 Robinson-R22        CHF    880.00 per participant (price per hour / CHF 14.65 per Minute Flight Time)

 Robinson-R44        CHF 1’290.00 per participant (price per hour / CHF 21.50 per Minute Flight Time)

 Airbus AS3250B2  CHF 2’270.00 per participant (price per hour / CHF 37.80 per Minute Flight Time

 Airbus H125           CHF 2”535.00 per participant (price per hour / CHF 42.25 per Minute Flight Time)

This rates include all costs and local taxes.

Available Dates

Most of all, weather conditions have to be adequate in order to perform the flight training. We recommend that you therefore check the potential conditions as earlierst as possible.

 October 29,  2018

 October 30,  2018

Please be advised, that dates might be changed on a short notice.  Hence, Leocopter is going to inform the participants directly on all states regarding their scheduled flight.

Important notice

Note, that closed shoes are mandatory. Furthermore, if you have a headset or helmet, feel free to bring it with you.

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