21st August 2021 - Spend a full day with Claude Vuichard and the Leocopter – Air Services crew

One Day Helicopter Safety Seminar

Based on decades of helicopter flight operations in the Swiss Alps and many search & rescue missions, Claude Vuichard professionalized additional life-saving maneuvers.

Now it is time to change your pilots’ life and cockpit habits

Due to the fact that daily helicopter operations are conducted most of the time in the height-velocity diagram (also called dead man curve), requires high attention of each pilot and fast reactions on unpredicted situations. Most important is to recognize it fast and apply the correct actions to prevent any accidents. But this is also true for all other operations.

Furthermore, the training procedures haven’t change the last years. “The vast majority of flight instructors are being educated as decades ago” Claude states and realizes that the implementation of new methods is thus hindered or very slow.

We offer the opportunity to attend a full day training with Claude Vuichard to cover all important topics in one session. The new methods will lead to a significant reduction of accidents and incidents – it even has the potential to save many lives every year and the associated damage and insurance cases.

The Vuichard Techniques Seminar

Our one-day seminar is built on three main content blocks. This ensures that you get the fundamentals and techniques required.

The Vuichard techniques principles
  CRM Model
 Human Factors & performance, incl. mental activity and stress
 Situational awareness
 Safety Barriers

The Vuichard Vortex Ring State escape technique
The content is based on the conditions that favors the Vortex Ring State, the identification criteria and of course the escape or recovery procedures. Besides the main video published by Claude Vuichard, additional video material is presented and discussed to accentuate the aspects of the Vortex Ring State.


After the completion of the full day seminar pilots are entitled to like to conduct the practical flight training with Claude Vuichard. More details on request!

Seats are strictly limited!

One Day Seminar - Saturday, August 21st, 2021

Join the next seminar – presented by Leocopter & Heli Transair – Germany

 Saturaday, August 21st , 2021

 Starting from 9am until 5pm

 Airport Egelsbach, near Frankurt a.M. Germany

 Seminar held in German

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Applications are possible using the link above or sent a mail with your contact details to: info@helitransair.com or training@leocopter.com

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