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Our Vuichard Safety Seminar is based on three coherent 2 hours online training sessions. This ensures, that the participants get as much information possible in a short-condensed time.

This seminar is solely dedicated to the Vortex Ring State Recovery or Escape maneuver. The content is based on the conditions that favors the Vortex Ring State, the identification criteria and of course the escape or recovery procedures.
Besides the main video published by Claude Vuichard, additional video material is presented and discussed to accentuate the aspects of the Vortex Ring State.

As a first impression, you find the basic information of the Vuichard Vortex Ring State Recovery below. Please note, that this maneuver requires professional training with an experienced pilot. All content provided is protected by copyrights.

There is no binding sequence for the seminars. Choose your order based on availability and interest. A certification of attendance from the Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation will be issued after the completion of all three seminars.

The completion of all three online seminars or the 1-day physical seminar is also necessary if participants would like to conduct the practical flight training with Mr. Claude Vuichard.




All content is protected by copyrights! All rights reserved.

You need the following equipment to join our online seminar:

 Computer, Notebook or Tablet

 Stable internet connection

 Headset (PC Headset, Smartdevice Headset with micro or bluetooth Air-Headset)

As a result, every attendee will receive a certificate for the completion of the training. To receive the Vuichard Safety Training Certificate you have to attend all three online seminars or attend the full day Vuichard training.

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Pricing Vuichard Online Seminar  (min 10 participants):

  Max. 20 attendees: Price USD 89.00 for each participant

  Course time approx. 2 hours

  Payment options: Paypal or Cash in Advance

  Onsite participation with our webinar tool

For each session we have max. 20 participants. Consequently, it is required to hold at least a student pilot licence to attend our Vuichard online seminar.

All course dates and time slots are in UTC time. Check your local time difference!

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