Terms of participation

These terms and condition apply to any kind on online or physical course, workshops and training sessions offered by Leocopter – Air Services in the field of aviation training such as radio communication training, Vuichard Techniques and general Safety seminars and panels.

These sessions are only available to licensed pilots across the globe (minimum is a student license). By registering for one of these courses you agree to accept all terms and conditions as stated below.

Terms for registration
To attend one of our seminars or training course or any other offering, you must be registered with us as a customer. Registration can be done directly on the application page. Registration is free of charge and no payment details need to be entered during registration. Once a requested session has been approved, you’ll receive an e-invoice (email) with a direct link to PayPal.

Specific terms
Some of our online training sessions and workshops require some technical infrastructure from your end. Even though Leocopter is using dedicated online instruments, you would need a Computer, Notebook or Tablet, a stable internet connection, a Headset (PC Headset, Smart device Headset with micro or Bluetooth Air-Headset). In some course you even might need software based tools such as ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, Skyvector or whatever you usual use in your cockpit. Take notice of this when you register.

Leocopter – Air Services is not responsible and therefore NOT liable for any related issues such as a slow internet connection, latencies in the audio line, bad video transition etc. The participant accepts that Leocopter – Air Services cannot be held responsible in the case of the above-mentioned issues.

Maximum number of participants
The maximum capacity for a specific course, training session or seminar is stated in the information or application form. For all sessions a “full is full” policy is in effect. For some seminars and courses, Leocopter – Air Service might run a waiting list. A participation cannot be guaranteed for candidates on the waiting list.

Online payment
Your registration for a workshop or training session will only be affirmed after you have completed the (online) registration form and paid the seminar fee in full. An e-invoice is going to be send to the email-address used during the registration process (user account-ID) and payment can be done online using PayPal with credit card capability.

You can register for a seat at the latest 2 days before the online session is due to take place or stated in the course details if held psychical at a dedicated place.

Cancellation by the participant
Cancellation of participation in a registered course or training session can be submitted either by using the cancellation option in your user account before the registration deadline has been reached or in writing by sending an email to Leocopter – Air Services training account.

In case of cancellation by a participant after the registration closing window, there will be no refund of the fee. This clause is also effective if a participant is not participating at a registered session.

For regular cancellations, the paid course fee will either be transferred to a future course or seminar or reimbursed by Leocopter – Air Services latest 30 days after the cancellation received from the participant.

Cancellation by Leocopter – Air Services
Leocopter – Air Services reserves the right, in case of insufficient participants, to cancel the course, training session or discussion panel offered before the start date, or to offer a modified version. Also, participants might be transferred to a different date to condense sessions.

Participant will be informed of this at least 2 days before the date of the course or training session.

The participant can choose to participate either in the modified version or in the original session at a later date, or to have the complete fee refunded.

If Leocopter – Air Services is going to exclude a participant from the live (online-)session due to inappropriate behavior by the participant, no refund will be accepted at any time.

Copyright law & commercial legal protection
The participant accepts and fully respects all copyrights and legal protection laws/articles of all content provided in the session of Leocopter – Air Services and involved partners (lecturers) at any time.
This also include that online recording, filming, audio captioning etc. is NOT permitted at any time. Lecturers might provide additional information or files separately and on request by the participants on a voluntarily basis.

Special clauses for bulk reservations for flight schools & operators
If a flight school or operator makes a reservation for multiple seats for a seminar, a volume discount might be applicable for the whole reservation. The seminar invoice will be issued to the flight school or operator for all the seats. Participation of individuals is solely in the responsibility of the seminar ordering party; cancellation of individual seats or no shows are not entitled for refunds.

Concluding provisions
The terms and conditions of participation are made an integral part of the General Conditions and shall apply to the performance of the Services provided by Leocopter – Air Services.

With the registration of a participant for a course, training session or Safety talk, the implicit consent of the terms and conditions of participation are presupposed unless stated otherwise by the participation in writing.

Place of general jurisdiction is Leocopter – Air Services headquarter in Zug, Switzerland.

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