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Safety in aviation is one of the most important key element. From flight preparation, preflight checks to flight operations, high mental work load can influence the level or risks involved in the flight. To improve the awareness of what factors can impact the safety, Leocopter is providing the program “Leocopter Safety Talks”. The module is built on a (online) discussion panel where experts sharing their knowledge and experience with you professionals.
“Share the knowledge of incidents with others, your life is too short to make them all by yourself!” Gerold Biner, CEO of Air Zermatt – Switzerland

There will be specific topics grouped into a session where our experts talk you through their knowledge, experience and therefore share their advise to your personal benefit.

Examples of potential topics are

 Specific recovery techniques (Vuichard Recovery Techniques, Upset recognition and recovery)

 Flight planning and weather briefing

 Preflight and Pilots preventive maintenance

 Cockpit Resource Management

 Prevent flight fatigue

 Outside factors

 and many more

You can participate your session of choice either online using our webinar tool, or attend onsite at one of your facility where we execute the safety talk session. Therefore you can register while selecting from the list of dates and topics shown below.

More awareness for risks – less stress in cockpits

In addition you can ask your questions during the sessions and learn the DOS and DONTS from our experts, which used to fly all over the world or has their special knowledge such as SAR, Tour Operations or Aerobatic flying and many more based on thousands of hours of flight.

Our sessions are conducted online but seats are also available in our head office in Zug, Switzerland. Our facility is well equipped and we serve some food & beverages for our local guests. Furthermore , you have the chance to meet some of our experts in person at our office.

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1 Day Vuichard Safety Seminar

Full One-Day Vuichard Safety Seminar

Get here all the information about the life-saving seminar for Helicopter pilots.
This one-day seminar combines all three Vuichard Techniques online sessions into one physical seminar. Our 1-day seminar covers everything from the Vuichard fundamentals to the Vuichard Vortex Ring State Recovery and finally all enhanced Vuichard techniques.

After the successful completion of this seminar, participants are entitled to join the practical flight training with Claude Vuichard.
Spend a full day with Claude Vuichard and the Leocopter – Air Services team in Zurich area and get all the information and insights form the inventor himself!

 Seminar Details

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