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Aviation Radio Course

Radio-Communication-Course provided by Leocopter Air Services in cooperation with Radar Contact offers the unique possibility to improve your radio communication skills that leads you to an advanced level!

Radio Communication Course for FAA-rated Pilots

Our radio communication training is based on real scenarios within US airspaces. Therefore you will probably fly virtually your assigned aircraft from Kona to Honolulu or from San Luis Obispo to Los Angeles while acting as a pilot in our simulations.

To ensure your personal improvement, you will get a direct feedback from our Lecturer and Senior FAA Air Traffic Controller, after every simulated flight. Depending on your individual development, you will join up to three simulated flights per training. Hence our training session lasts up to 2.5 hours.

In addition a discussion on general safety topics is part of the training. Furthermore you will get some real practical tips and stories from a daily Senior Air Traffic Controllers life.

Our courses are mainly held online, but you also may join us in our head office in Zug, Switzerland. In this case, we provide a comfortable learning environment. In addition we’re going to make sure that you’re not getting hungry or thirsty during your stay, since snacks and beverages will be available for you. Most of all, spaces for each training session are strictly limited. This ensures a high level of quality and furthermore that every participants gets the mentoring required to improve their skills.

You need the following equipment to join our courses:

 Computer, Notebook or Tablet

 Stable internet connection

 Headset (PC Headset, Smartdevice Headset with micro or bluetooth Air-Headset)

 ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot, Skyvector or whatever you usual use in your cockpit

As a result, every attendee will receive a certificate for the completion of the training. The certificate is not officially accredited and therefore not entitled for any endorsements.

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Pricing Radio Communication Course (min 3 participants):

  Max. 6 attendees: Price USD 105.00 for each participant

  Course time approx. 2 hours 30 minutes

  Payment options: Paypal or Cash in Advance

  Onsite participation in our Office in Zug possible

For each session we have max. 6 participants. Consequently, it is required to hold at least a student pilot licence to attend our radio communication course.

All course dates and time slots are in UTC time. Check your local time difference!

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