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Flight Training

Vortex Ring State, Autorotation, Slope landing

Vuichard Flight Training

Pilots who attended the online or 1-day Vuichard Safety Seminar can participate as a result in the flight training with Claude Vuichard himself. Therefore, the main objective is to visualize the Vuichard elements from the seminar in the helicopter. In addition, participants of the flight training receive a Vuichard Recovery Aviation Safety Foundation certificate. Note, that all Vuichard techniques require regular training to get professionalized. Hence, we recommend that you talk with your flight instructor for future training sessions to professionalize these maneuvers.

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By Claude Vuichard

High Altitude Training

Enjoy the best helicopter playground in the world while you’re working on your high altitude skills. Most of all, Claude Vuichards’ High Altitude Safety Training is based on complementary modules. The program includes approaching and landing at official mountain landing sites as well as emergency procedures at high altitude. Finally, flying in the Swiss Alps offer quite some challenges for pilots on all levels. Our training is going to ensure that pilots improve their skills from situational awareness, decision making to flight maneuvers.

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By Chuck Aaron & Kevin Bredenbeck

Helicopter Upset Recognition and Recovery Training

In this Helicopter Upset Recognition and Recovery Training you’ll learn life preserving techniques and gain the hands-on experience you need to implement them, when confronted with a sudden loss of visual cues of the ground. Crafted by top helicopter pilots with thousands of flight and flight test hours, this comprehensive course will give you the knowledge, skills, experience and self-confidence you need to stay safely in the air when the unexpected strikes.

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