About Leocopter Air Services


Leocopter Air Services is currently located in Switzerland and has the main goal to provide a broad range of helicopter based services. The founders have many years of professional experience in sales, marketing, information technology and business administration at an advanced level. All members of staff are FAA rated helicopter pilots and experienced in Robinson, Airbus and Bell helicopters. We at Leocopter a highly passionate about Helicopters and its capabilities.

Additionally, Leocopter Air Services is going to provide a platform where experts meet professionals to exchange experience and knowledge among pilots. Hence, the overall objectives are to improve the awareness for safety and its actions to reduce the risks and therefore to prevent incidents and finally saving lives.

Finally, our broad network of experts ensures that the knowledge is transferred from cyclic to cyclic at its spot.

With a highly passionate and professional approach we commit ourselves to deliver high class aviation services to our customers.



All of our experts are Senior Pilots and have a tremendous amount of experience in aviation business. We’re going to expand the network experts to your advantage.


Our partners

VRAS Foundation

Vuichard Recovery Techniques

Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd.

Flight Training, Events & Helicopter tours

Visions get realized by inspired people only. Therefore, partners are important to arrive at the finish line through an active exchange of ideas and thoughts. Get in touch with our partners for any specific request or question. We’re going to extend the partner network to ensure the best value for pilots who want to learn and improve their capabilities.

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