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Improve your aviation radio-com skills in US airspaces and get trained by Senior ATC for more professionalism in the cockpit. We bring you to the next level!

Safety Talks

Join our panel discussions with specific topics that will be provided from experts for experts. Safety in aviation concerns everyone!

Vuichard Techniques

Learn the Vuichard Vortex Ring State escape and others life saving techniques from the inventor himself.
Get all the essential information and sign-up for our next online courses with Mr. Claude Vuichard.

Find our trainig opportunities in the sections in the upper menu or browse through our current course dates. We’re looking forward to meet you in one of our session.

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1 Day Vuichard Safety Seminar

Full One-Day Vuichard Safety Seminar

Get here all the information about the life-saving seminar for Helicopter pilots.
This one-day seminar combines all three Vuichard Techniques online sessions into one physical seminar. Our 1-day seminar covers everything from the Vuichard fundamentals to the Vuichard Vortex Ring State Recovery and finally all enhanced Vuichard techniques.

After the successful completion of this seminar, participants are entitled to join the practical flight training with Claude Vuichard.
Spend a full day with Claude Vuichard and the Leocopter – Air Services team in Zurich area and get all the information and insights form the inventor himself!

 Seminar Details

booth C3140

We are in Las Vegas from February, 26 to March, 1st.
Our booth is located nearby Robinson Helicopters and Leonardo Helicopters.
See you there!


Claude Vuichard receives 2018 Helicopter Association International Salute to Excellence BLR Aerospace Safety Award.

Vuichard receives the award for his ongoing commitment to safe helicopter operations. He is best known for refining and promoting the Vuichard Recovery — a technique that trains helicopter pilots to recover from a condition known as “vortex ring state” with a minimal loss of altitude.
The significance of the Vuichard Recovery technique within the helicopter industry is widespread. The International Helicopter Safety Team and U.S. Helicopter Safety Team have both published Airmanship Bulletins supporting the its use, Robinson Helicopters has integrated the technique into its safety course.

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